Bulk SMS

SMS is a simple service using which companies can send Bulk SMS to their large clientele and prospective clients base.  Bulk SMS is an easy, fast and economical offering, which makes it possible for companies to reach out to multiple customers at one time.  Sending a standard or customised message to all numbers of the database is the fundamental working principle of the service.  The level of customisation can be configured as per requirement.  Its quick visibility, ease of spreading message and trusted operations make Bulk SMS a favoured mode of communication for all businesses, vendors and entities.

The extremely flexible Bulk SMS service is widely used by commercial entities to convey promotional information and status updates to customers and by government bodies to broadcast messages of public interest.

For instance, financial organisations such as banks, insurance agencies etc., use Bulk SMS to convey the OTP and other account related secure information to their customers.  E-commerce companies use Bulk SMS to update buyers on their orders and transactions. Offline stores use Bulk SMS for promotions and loyalty program management.

Bulk SMS has endless possibilities and applications, each of which can be customised to the needs of the organisation.

Bulk SMS For Transactions

The way people communicate and interact with each other has evolved immensely in the digital age.  This has also given way to SMS Transaction.

SMS Transaction allows people to pay for goods and products bought or services availed by means of an SMS.  For this, the customer sends an SMS to the mobile payment provider.  Once the provider approves the transaction, the due amount is added to the user’s mobile bill.

SMS Striker facilitates this easy payment method round the clock and helps companies expand their business to consumers who may not be Internet savvy or own a credit/ debit card.  While the security and authenticity of the company’s messages is established through a dedicated Sender ID.

Bulk SMS For Promotions

A company can send promotional Bulk SMS to their database with this service.  SMS Striker ensures that the Bulk SMS service strictly adheres to TRAI Regulations such as filtering Do Not Disturb numbers from the database and messaging only between 9 am – 9 pm.

sms scheduler

Features of the Bulk SMS Service

Group SMS and Contacts

Different SMS can be sent to contacts categorised into different groups as per company’s categorising systems.


SMS can be sent in multiple regional and international languages.

Customised SMS

The system facilitates sending customised SMS to different categories of contacts.

API Integration

The service can be integrated with any pre-existing communication software adapted by the company.


Detailed reports available across multiple filters.


Clear analytics help determine effectiveness of campaigns and provide guidance on alterations needed.


SMS pushing can be scheduled as per needs of marketing campaign.

24/7 customer support

Efficient customer support is available 24/7.


Short Message Peer-to-Peer helps deliver messages faster to the customers. Effectively, it results in real-time relay of information.

Reseller Panel

The reseller panel helps customisation and configuration of services as needed.

DND Engine

The DND engine helps filter the Do Not Disturb numbers.


A multiple-operator system ensures that the SMSes always go through irrespective of one network being down.


The system checks for any redundancy in the database and ensures operations are smooth at all times.