Short URL Services

The Short URL is a simple and powerful tool that enhances connectivity, lead management and takes the marketing campaign closer to sales and closure.

A long domain is shortened and embedded in the text message that is sent to the customer database.  The short URL takes approximately 6-10 character spaces as compared to the full domain name.  This saves character space and affords more information in each message.

As soon as a user clicks on the short URL, it helps in profiling and collecting user information like location of user, kind of handset, OS, etc., being used.  Based on these factors, a company may customize its marketing campaign and messaging to make it more meaningful to the consumer.

The short URLs are especially crucial for collecting/dissipating unique information and feedback from customers as in the case of surveys or coupon codes.  For instance, every message can be customized to carry a unique code dedicated to a unique survey – this precludes repetition of feedback from consumers and accumulates accurate data for the company.

When discount or reward codes are sent via the Short Code system, it ensures that a code is used only once and cannot be taken advantage of via duplication and sharing with others.

The Short URL is especially effective in building the brand and and can be plugged in seamlessly with its Social Media.

Features of the Short URL Service

Unlimited URLs

Shorten and send an unlimited number of URLs through your messages.

Live URL Generation

Extremely simple process to generate short URL on-the-spot.

Live Reports

Real-time Reports on the progress of the Campaign.

24/7 Customer Support

Prompt Customer Support available round-the-clock.


Detailed Reports available across multiple filters.


The system checks for any redundancy in the database and ensures operations are smooth at all times.

API Integration

The service can be integrated with any pre-existing communication software adapted by the company.